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  Future proof solutions for data lines

Fibre optic cable

Fibre optic cable is the ideal choice for installations between buildings because it doesn’t carry electrical surges caused by nearby lightning strikes or cause ground loops. All your data line surge, interference, and ground loop problems can be solved simply by installing fibre optic rather than copper cable.

Common copper cable works by carrying electrical impulses. The problem is that any other kind of electrical impulse can also travel along the copper cable, too. On the other hand, fibre optic cable is completely immune to interference. The fibre is made of glass, which is an insulator, so no electric current can flow through. There are other reasons to choose fibre optic cable as well: Fibre offers greater bandwidth than copper and can operate over longer distances.

With all these benefits and with the cost of fibre installation dropping, fibre optic cable is rapidly becoming a top choice for new cable installations. If you have existing copper cabling, fibre optic cable can be used to create surge-proof “firewalls” within your network.

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