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IBC 2013: What to expect at the International Broadcasting Convention this year
Category: Blogs
Keywords: Networking,Digital signage
Author: Laura Varley
Date Written: 23 July 2013
Title: IBC 2013: What to expect at the International Broadcasting Convention this year

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is an annual event for those involved in the creation, management and delivery of content across the world. This year's convention in September will have over 1,400 exhibitors across a variety of industries and it's expected that over 50,000 visitors will attend from more than 160 countries.

It's a great chance for networking, seeing and using the new technology on show and discovering how the industry is changing. So if you're planning to attend this year, here's what will be at the show.


At IBC 2013, events run between 12th-17th of September, there's a wide variety of speakers and subjects on show so you can easily pick and choose which ones will be most helpful to your business. We've highlighted a couple of the most interesting conferences over the five days.

'Not the nine o'clock news: journalism in the digital revolution', will be discussing the innovative ways in which news is now gathered and reported, how outlets connect with their audience via social media and how broadcasters are adapting to the changes the digital age is bringing. The panel will include a variety of speakers, the most noteworthy of which is Steve Hermann, editor of BBC news online, who is sure to present some interesting insights.

'TV fights back: the battle for the viewer experience', will include participants from Microsoft, Samsung and YouView and will be discussing how broadcasting is fighting back against internet content with changes to TV interfaces, such as apps.

'The great quality debate: do we really need to go beyond HD?' will discuss whether broadcasters really need to worry about upgrading to 4K or 8K broadcasting yet or if consumers are only bothered about HD at the moment. It will be a debate between journalists and industry experts, but the audience will also have a chance to get in on the discussion and vote too.


The exhibition runs from 13th-17th of September and will feature more than 1,400 businesses. So whether your business is interested in data storage, video services, ICT solutions or broadcast equipment, there's something for everyone. Black Box Network Services will be one of the exhibitors, who'll have technical experts on hand to discuss their ServSwitch and digital signage solutions with you.

It's impossible to name all the exhibitors but expect to see big names such as Nikon, Dolby, Panasonic, JVC and Yamaha at the show, as well as thousands of other big and small companies from across the globe.

They'll be exhibitors that will help you with production equipment (such as camera and lighting solutions), audio equipment, storage, system automation, services (including consultancy, management and rental), post-production software, communications equipment and much more.

The IBC is held every September annually at the RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre in Amsterdam.

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