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Smart Networking Solutions for Education
Category: News
Keywords: Wireless, WAN, Security
Date Written: 08 August 2013
Title: Smart Networking Solutions for Education

  • Improve communications and emergency notification.
  • Protect, store and charge laptops.
  • Safeguard your network and premises.

September is here and it’s back to school! Moreover, we have witnessed the education industry moving beyond the chalkboard and into the IT age. Today’s high-tech resources require the right tools to use efficiently in a classroom setting.

It’s one thing to have high-tech, it’s quite another to use it in a timely and cost-effective way.

Laptop computers, for instance, are an invaluable classroom tool. But it’s not enough to have laptops they must also be distributed, collected, stored, transported, charged and protected – all without monopolising valuable classroom time. Black Box has the solution to this and many other classroom challenges.

For your staff

How well your staff can respond to student requirements can directly impact their learning experience. Make sure your staff members have the access to the information they need, when they need it.

Increased flexibility and mobility of IT can help your staff members efficiently manage their time daily tasks and messages including voice mail, email and class scheduling so they have more time to deliver a high-quality education to their students. Network managers should ensure they are designing campus-wide networks including IT suites, classrooms, reception areas, cafeterias, student common rooms and lecture theatres, giving your students the best possible environment in which to learn. Increasing both physical and network security also helps teaching staff to protect valuable equipment and sensitive data.

  • Use laptop/tablet carts to store, charge and transport several machines at once whilst protecting them from both physical damage and theft.
  • CCTV and environmental monitoring adds a further level of physical security and protection for areas that need it.
  • Presentation tools help deliver a clear learning message to students by grabbing attention in a way that is easier to respond to. Enhanced mobility and flexibility make using them great for staff too.

For your students

Your students, current and future, are the most important people to your organisation. Take advantage of today’s technology to help ensure you are delivering the best possible education they can receive.

  • Wireless WAN connectivity gives your students (and staff) high-speed internet access from anywhere on your property.
  • Digital Signage keeps students abreast of timetables, amenities, events and information as well as providing useful wayfinding or emergency messages. It is a far more engaging way of reaching students than traditional forms of information provisions. It can also be a great way to promote social or important events for the students (Parent’s evening, Fresher’s week, Sports Day, School Play, AGM etc...).
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