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KVM Switches: Creating offices without computers
Category: Blogs
Keywords: KVM
Author: Joe Elvin
Date Written: 07 October 2013
Title: KVM Switches: Creating offices without computers

A KVM switch is a device which allows people to operate multiple computers using only one keyboard, monitor or mouse.

Up to 500 computers can be plugged into the most advanced KVM switches, allowing users to save a great deal of money, space and electricity that these accessories can take up.

The most basic KVM switches shouldn't set consumers back by more than £20, yet can make the process of switching between computers far simpler.

Here are five common scenarios in which a KVM switch could prove useful.

Server rooms/data centres

Many businesses have server rooms which contain dozens or even hundreds of servers. This figure can even rise to thousands in data centres. IT staff are able to control all of these servers with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse if they are all connected to a KVM switch. This will save much time, allowing them to complete even the most advanced processes with ease.

Software testing

Software producers and testers will often need to access their creation on various operating systems to make sure it works to their liking on all of them. Perhaps they need to switch quickly between a PC and a Mac or computers without different versions of Windows. Only one keyboard, monitor and mouse is needed for this process, which is why KVM switches are so popular for this process.

Connecting two personal computers

There are many tasks which can only be completed, or completed far more easily, using a certain type of computer. There are certain types of software which only work on Macs for example. Futhermore, it is common for people to have access to a laptop or notebook for mobile use and a PC for home use. By investing in a KVM switch, these people can switch between two different types.

Upgrading a laptop's accessories

It is possible to connect a laptop to a desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse using a KVM switch. This could be ideal for anyone who wants to watch DVDs on a big screen or for those who find laptop touchpads difficult to operate.

Saving space

It's far from uncommon for one person to use two computers purely to increase the operating capacity of both. Those who use computers for high-definition video editing often find that they need a computer's full power to do it effectively, meaning that it would be to their detriment to use their computer for other tasks. By switching between two computers, users can choose which hard drive would be the most convenient for saving files.

There are plenty of ways in which KVM switches can prove useful, both in professional and personal workspaces, so why not make your computing experience more convenient by investing in one?

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