Free Space Optics.

Free Space Optics

Advantages of Free Space Optics

LaserLinks are capable of transmitting virtually any kind of digital information including data, voice and video. Thus they fit easily into a wide variety of applications. Generally anyone having multiple facilities within a site or across a town may consider using LaserLink systems to establish wireless communication links where ever a cabling is missing or impossible to install.
If you are considering to establish a wireless link or network and at least one of the issues below is of your concern then LaserLink is the right choice for you:

Most common objection when talking about Laser transmission technology is fog, snow, rain etc. Black Box LaserLink systems are built with special technology to keep your network running even with bad weather conditions. There is the following thumb rule: Black Box LaserLink can bypass twice the distance normal human eye can look. This means that with heavy fog having 500 meters of sight, a Black Box LaserLink can still operate at 1000 meters distance.

Licence-free operation
No need to obtain frequency licenses for the operation of laser based wireless cabling solutions.

Installation is a once-only investment with no recurring costs, eliminating lease-line costs, etc.

Investment protection
Industry standard network interfaces and a clear upgrade path for higher bandwidth protects your investment.

No interference
Use of laser light for communication means no interference issues.

High bandwidth
LaserLink data transmission matches the bandwidth and speed of fixed optical fibre.

Secure data transmission
LaserLink transmission is one of the safest transmission methods of its type because direct interception is virtually impossible with the concentrated beam and physical placement of the equipment - well above ground level and there are no instruments such as spectrum analysers that can detect the communication.

Quick installation
LaserLink solution is quick and easy to deploy. All solutions are plug and play.

The LaserLink FSO system is divided into distance ranges. Select the distance and speed that matches your needs. LaserLink systems can be used in a wide variety of network architecture applications, including point-to-point, ring architecture and mesh systems. They can be installed roof to roof, window to window or window to roof.