Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication

Today's world is unimaginable without Wireless Communication. Most technologies work with frequency modulation and transmission where the digital data is converted into radio signals. Three main frequency spectrum's are open for every bodies use, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 60 GHz. No allowance to use these frequencies is needed, no license fees come up.

5 GHz

What can you do to have a good and reliable Wireless LAN System? If possible choose the 5 GHz spectrum. For outdoor applications in most European countries 1000mW are allowed in the 5 GHz spectrum. That is the 802.11a standard to go for. The Black Box Wireless LAN Kits 2 and 3 operate at 5 GHz and are an ideal solution for outdoor network interconnections Building to Building.

2.4 GHz

If you need to have a 2.4 GHz system indoors for connecting notebooks or other user devices to your network check which systems are already installed. Consider the channel to use cleverly. If there is a system running at channel 1 and 6, choose 11 for yours. If you need to setup more than just one Access Point set them up in the same way, one to operate at channel 1, the next at channel 6 etc.

Position of Access Points

Check the best place to mount the Access Point. Often DECT base stations and Access Points are placed nearby what really is not a good idea because of interference. Think about throwing two stones simultaneously nearby into a lake or river. You will not have any chance to predict how the waves go and where. Same with DECT and Wireless LAN. Separate DECT base station and Wireless LAN Access Point from each other.

Site Survey by Black Box

The optimum is to call Black Box Tech Support. We can go onsite and do a site survey. A site survey will clearly show the best places for access points and how many you need for a good coverage.