Why use encryption?

Why to use encryption?

"You really don't know"

In many organisations, using serious encryption protocols might seem a little bit over the top. After all, who in your company would want to steal data or make the effort it would take to do so? The truth is you really don't know, and encryption can go a long way toward preventing information theft.

Credit card information

Credt card fraud and identity theft are probably two of the most popular topics in the news today. Even if they're not as common as the news might have you believe, they're critical to consumer's comfort and perhaps your company's reputation.

Human resources department

HR departments regularly handle sensitive employee and company information such as salaries and bonuses, medical information, personnel issues, company plans (upsizing/downsizing), and contact information for employees. You might not be able to guard the paper leaving the printer, but you can protect it on its way there.

New businesses

Startups may only have a few employees initially, but they often have competitors from the beginning. And why not future-proof your electronic communications? Even if you don't need security today, you might tomorrow.