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What is 802.1x port security?

What is 802.1x port security?

802.1x port explained:

802.1x port-based network access control provides a method to restrict users? Access to network resources by using authentication. This restricts users from gaining access to the network resources through an 802.1x-enabled port without authentication.

If a user wants to access the network through a port under 802.1x control, the user must first input an account name for authentication and then wait for authorization before sending or receiving any packets from an 802.1x-enabled port.

Before the devices or end stations can access the network resources through the ports under 802.1x control, the devices or end stations connected to a controlled port send the authentication request to the authenticator. The authenticator passes the request to the authentication server to authenticate and verify, and the server tells the authenticator if the request for authorization for those ports is granted.