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  Renowned European Police Station boosts Control Centre operational efficiency with Black Box Solutions

European Police Station Boosts Control Center Efficiency with KVM Matrix Switching System


Black Box EMEA recently was called upon to deploy a challenging project with an established European Police Department.
The Department consists of 15 local police stations and employs over 14,000 front-line policing staff working hard to protect citizens and ensure law and order are maintained in its country. Each police station has a dedicated control centre which handles day-to-day police business and responds to both local and regional emergency calls.


One of the larger district stations houses a main control centre and provides the first response to over 400 emergency and 600 non-emergency calls on a daily basis. Constantly monitoring this amount of incoming traffic was proving to be quite a challenge, so the Department approached Black Box to provide a video wall and non-IP based KVM solution which would help police operating staff determine priority calls, share information efficiently and boost reaction speeds to incoming alerts.

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