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Code-Operated and Matrix Switches.

Code-Operated and Matrix Switches

Code-operated and matrix switches from Black Box give you computer-controlled switching for a variety of applications.

Code-Operated Switches

Code-operated switches enable 1 device to control up to 64 connected devices, depending on the code-operated switch. For instance, you can use one modem—not eight—to control eight devices.

Code-operated switches are ideal for applications that require remote switching capabilities for file-sharing or monitoring. Use code-operated switches for:

  • Remote programming. Call in via remote sites to access servers, logic controllers, or any devices that require programming.
  • Diagnostics. From your master control room, you can probe servers and run diagnostics.

Matrix Switches

Matrix switches enable more than one device to control other devices. Any port can connect to any port and perform more than one operation at a time independently. On the other hand, code-operated switches talk to only one slave port at a time.

For instance, if your operation has four computers that need to share two printers and one modem, a matrix switch is what you need to handle the job. Use matrix switches for:

  • Industrial applications. You can download instructions remotely to more than one programmable logic controller.
  • Data sharing. PCs or industrial devices can be connected—locally or remotely—to other PCs and industrial devices or for file swapping.