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Best Practices for KVM-over-IP Security

This white paper discusses the security aspects of the Emerald family of products, highlighting multiple layers of control, user access management, and system redundancy.

The Evolution of the Intelligent Control Room

Download the white paper to learn about the history of control rooms and a timeline for their evolution, what "predictive maintenance" means, and more.

Rethinking Control Room Planning

In this whitepaper, you will get best practices for advanced planning of a control room that integrates both ergonomic design, physical infrastructure and information flow to support an organization’s current mission, as well as its future evolution.

How Video Compression Affects KVM and AV Systems

In this white paper, you will learn about compression technologies and schemes, use cases for different application scenarios, and how the right compression algorithm can make a drastic difference for professional AV and KVM systems.

Is there Software for KVM?

In this white paper, you will learn about the current state of KVM and the benefits of both direct connect KVM and KVM-over-IP.

Can KVM-over-IP Finally Compete with Direct Connect?

In this white paper, you will learn about the current state of KVM and the benefits of both direct connect KVM and KVM-over-IP.

Leveraging the PCoIP® Protocol to Enable Virtual-Machine Sharing

Learn how the PCoIP® technology is leveraged in the context of broadcast and media collaboration.

Complete Guide to KVM Extenders & Switches

How KVM extenders work, and why they are making lives easier for both PC users and administrators.

High-Performance KVM for Modern Control Rooms

Find out how the latest generation of KVM systems compare to what you know about KVM technology and how they can be integrated into control rooms and operations centres.

Broadcast and Post-Production Transition To Virtualization

Black Box's Emerald® KVM Family Supports Evolution of Broadcast and Post-production Industry

Meeting Cybersecurity Threats with Secure KVM Switches

Learn how Secure KVM Technology can help you to Keep classified information classified.

Glide and Switch: Switch Between Computer Systems Simply by Moving Your Mouse

This white paper will explain the history of Glide and Switch, detail how the technology works and introduce products that support it.

How to Extend USB and Break the 5-Meters Barrier

Learn how USB extenders can help you avoid the limitations of traditional emulations.

How to Future-proof Connectivity for Modern Control Rooms

In this white paper you will learn which important AV, KVM and network components you should consider when equipping your control room.

Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Virtual Servers

Explore the benefits and challenges of using physical and virtual servers in IT environments.

How to Set Up a Small Video Wall for Your Business

Gain insights into setting up small video walls for your business.

AV-over-IP Security

Best practices to protect your network, organisation and the people you serve.

Leveraging Temperature Screening Kiosks During & Post COVID-19

Learn how to use temperature screening kiosks to identify fever symptoms to enhance workplace safety.

A Beginner's Guide to Digital Signage

Learn how you can use digital signage to boost sales and improve communications within your business or institution.

How to Design a Robust Security and Surveillance Network

How to Design a Robust Security and Surveillance Network

Networking considerations for IP-based security and surveillance systems.

How Media Converters Deliver Cost-Effective Fibre Connectivity

In this white paper, we will explore the specific benefits that fibre cabling provides. We will also discuss ways to integrate copper and fibre cable in new and existing IT infrastructures.

Benefits of Using Physical and Virtual Sensors for Automation

Learn about choosing physical and virtual sensors, using wired and wireless sensors, how sensors optimize operations, benefits of sensors, how to choose the right sensors for your business

IoT enables door-to-door visibility of cargo transport ensuring Supply Chain Management 4.0

This white paper explores the integration of IoT in logistics, particularly in enhancing cargo transport visibility through GPS tracking.

The difference between unmanaged, managed, and Web-smart switches

The difference between unmanaged, managed, and Web-smart switches

This white paper explores the key differences between unmanaged, managed, and web-smart Ethernet switches.

Understanding Fibre to the Desktop

Learn about Fiber to the Desktop (FTTD), a cutting-edge solution offering enhanced data transmission rates and security.

Counterfeit Cable: The Dangers, Risks, and How to Spot It

Learn about the the growing problem of counterfeit and non-compliant cables in the industry and how to address the issue.

High-Speed Networking Interconnects: Choosing the SFP or QSFP Solution That Is Right for You

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the DACs versus AOCs versus SFP/QSFP Mini GBICS as Interconnects for HPC, data centers, storage applications and more.

Active Optical Cables (AOC)

This white paper explains what Active Optical Cables (AOCs) are and detail why they are superior to traditional copper solutions.

The Benefits of Pre-Terminated Fiber

Explore the benefits of pre-terminated fiber in terms of efficiency in deployment, improved transmission, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.