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Public Safety and Emergency Operations

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Every emergency operations center (EOC), 911 call center, and public-safety answering point (PSAP) relies on critical information visualization and communication. Black Box control room solutions enable real-time video and information sharing between field and operations centers, resulting in improved situational awareness and faster response times. When lives are on the line and communication is critically important, trust our extensive portfolio that showcases more than 40 years of technical expertise.

  • KVM solutions improve and secure control room operations
  • Video switching and extension products display high-quality video on distant screens
  • Collaboration and control systems enhance communication and decision-making

Black Box Benefits


Multiple Computer Control

Interact with multiple computers using a single keyboard and mouse while keeping simultaneous access to all video and audio sources.


Improved Desktop Ergonomics

Streamlined user console saves desk space, reduces equipment costs, and minimizes errors as well as the mental load on the operators.


Faster Operator Response Times

Combine audio, share independently switched USB 2.0 peripherals, or copy and paste files between the systems.


No Software or Network Dependency

Intuitive hardware solution with no learning curve, no software installation, and no dependency on network performance.


Fail-Safe Networks

Take full control of your entire network to monitor critical events, provide sufficient bandwidth, and secure critical connections.



Seamless Control

Improve operator reaction time with glide and switch technology.


Complete Visualization

Make decisions from a common operating picture or shared display.


Complete Connectivity

Rely on proven connectivity for all of your networking, cables, AV, and infrastructure needs.

Solution Diagrams


Multi-Monitor Switch

Expand your IT control rooms to multiple sites with Black Box solutions. 

Emerald Family Diagram

Network Application

Emerald IP-based KVM matrix switching application.

Featured Solutions


Freedom II KM Switches

Reliable multisystem control allows a dispatch operator to switch between up to eight machines by simply moving the mouse across their monitors.

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Emerald® DESKVUE

The award-winning Emerald® DESKVUE KVM over IP receiver allows users to create a personalized workspace where they can simultaneously monitor and interact with up to 16 physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems.

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DKM 4K Video Matrix Switching

Get real-time access to 4K video signals, audio, USB, and more for a collaborative workspace.

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Featured Products


Freedom II KM Switches

Public safety operators can quickly switch via hotkeys between four or eight screens for instant response times in a streamlined workspace with improved desktop ergonomics.

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ControlBridge® Desktop Touch Panel

Save time, prevent errors, and replace complex switching activities with presets instantly activated with 1-touch. Integrate any IP-based system like room control, KVM/AV, or IoT monitoring systems.

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AlertWerks AW3000 Wireless Gateway

Monitor the health of your IT assets with predictive maintenance alerts to ensure 24/7 reliable operations

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