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Emerald® 4K KVM Matrix Switch Video Overview

Emerald® 4K KVM Matrix Switching over IP


The Emerald® Unified KVM Platform is a revolutionary new 4K60 10-bit KVM Matrix switching system that extends and distributes visually losless HD or pixel-perfect 4K/UHD video, transparent USB 2.0 and audio across an IP network. Emerald supports any combination and number of physical and virtual desktops and servers (VMware®, Microsoft®, and Citrix®) via RemoteFX, RDP 8.1 and PCoIP, and it even provides remote PC access across a WAN/the internet. The Unified KVM Platform is designed for 24/7 critical work environments such as control rooms in broadcast, public safety, defense and industrial manufacturing. It provides IT-experts with all means to securely store critical servers and enables multi-user access to desktops, software and video walls. To learn more visit our Emerald product page

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