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Promethean Interactive Flat-Panel Displays

Dare to compare — all touch panels are not the same!

Promethean ActivPanels

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Promote active participation and foster engagement with Prometheans’ interactive flat-panel displays that are optimised for the class room, office, or board room environment.

With crystal-clear visibility, exceptionally smooth, responsive touch interactivity and a durable design, ActivPanel Touch will be at the centre of simple, natural, engaging experiences for years to come.
Light up the room and participants’ imaginations with a touch panel that offers a crystal-clear, high-definition display in virtually any room, from almost any angle.

Interact smoothly, easily and naturally with individual, large or small-group content.

Create dynamic presentations with award-winning ActivInspire software, use any program that runs on your PC, or plug into content from a wide variety of source devices for a rich and varied experience.

To contact us today to find out about a demo!

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