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Attend a Cisco Meraki webinar

...and claim a FREE access point

Cisco Meraki webinar

As a Cisco Premier Partner, Black Box has the expertise and experience to audit, design and install your next wireless project.

Cisco Meraki is a powerful and intuitive wireless device designed to easily manage and control your on-site WiFi for both employees and guests. Through the easy-to-use online portal you can seamlessly manage your WiFi services across multiple sites and have instant access to network-wide visibility of usage on your network. You can also remotely manage updates and quickly configure your Meraki WLANs in minutes without having any dedicated staff or training.


For a limited period IT professionals can receive a FREE Cisco Meraki access point (AP) with a 3-year cloud management license.

To be eligible, participants must:

  • Attend a live event or live webinar in its entirety.
  • Enter a valid company name.
  • Be an IT professional.
  • Register with a shipping address in the UK.
  • Register with their organisation's email address.
  • Confirm eligibility and shipping address with a Black Box or Cisco Meraki representative by phone.

Limited to one free AP per organisation and per individual.

To find out more, please register your details.

The Meraki Story in 2 Minutes

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