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Cables and Infrastructure

Need a cable?

Our cable product portfolio is one of the widest in the industry and most of our cables our guaranteed for life. Shop in our online store or look at our featured cabling solutions below.

Professional testing solutions

The best tools and testers for maintaining a small office or a large enterprise.

Cabinet and racks

A full range from low-to-high-end storage solutions. Find the right solution for your application, including full-sized, climate-controlled, and wallmount cabinets.

Featured solutions:

Slim-Net Patch Cables

28-AWG Slim-Net Patch Cables

Make space and optimise cable handling in high-density data centres and telecom rooms.

Lockable copper patch cables

High-performance lockable patch cables

Secure network ports — only when you need to.

CAT6A channel solution

CAT6A Channel Solution

Get performance well beyond the 500-MHz CAT6A spec with our CAT6A channel solution.

Browse all cable products in our online store


  • MTP Connector Fiber Solutions
    MTP Connector Fiber Solutions
  • High Performance Lockable Patch Cables
    High Performance Lockable Patch Cables
  • CAT5e/CAT6 Channel Solutions
    CAT5e/CAT6 Channel Solutions
  • SpaceGAIN angled cables and panels
    SpaceGAIN angled cables and panels

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Featured solutions:


AlertWerks ServSensor Monitoring Hubs and Intelligent Sensors

Environmental Monitoring System - Protect your IT equipment against physical threats.

Climate cabs

Climate cabs

GO GREEN – save energy and money by cooling only the cabinet rather than the whole room or IT centre.

Power Management

Power Management

Control the power in your data centre

Browse all cabinet and rack products in our online store


  • How to pick a cabinet
    How to pick a cabinet
  • How to pick a rack
    How to pick a rack
  • Climate Cab IT Enclosures
    Climate Cab IT Enclosures
  • QuietCab

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