On-screen menus.

ServSwitch™ and on-screen menu's

The first version

When the ServSwitch™ brand of KVM switches was first introduced, there were only two ways to switch: from front-panel push buttons or by sending command sequences from the keyboard. Although this was more convenient than having a separate keyboard, monitor, and mouse for each CPU, the operator still had to remember key combinations and which server was connected to which port—leading to many cryptic, scribbled notes attached to the switch and to the workstation.

Today's versions

But with the advent of on-screen menu's, an operator can use easy-to-read, pop-up menus to identify and select CPUs. It’s even possible to give each CPU a name that makes sense to you—names like “MIS Server,” “Accounting Server,” and so on.

What’s more, all ServSwitch models with on-screen menus still provide the same switching options as our other ServSwitch products: front-panel push buttons and command sequences from the keyboard.