Dot Pitch

Dot Pitch

Measurement of the distance

Dot Pitch (or Pixel Pitch) is a measurement of the distance between the same colour pixels (Red, Green or Blue) on a display. However in the case of LED screens it is the distance between each cluster of LEDs that make up a single pixel. It is measured in millimetres and usually means that the lower the number, the sharper the display. The dot pitch on LED screens can range from around 5mm to around 30mm. The application will generally determine the dot pitch required, a stadium screen will usually have a larger dot pitch as it is not being viewed up close, where as an information screen in an airport will usually have a smaller dot pitch as it is being viewed up close.

“Virtual dot pitch”

Some LED screens offer something called “virtual dot pitch” which shares LEDs between pixels, appearing to reduce the gap between them and making the image even clearer. Dot pitch only really becomes an important factor for LED screens if you require a very large screen to be viewed from a close distance. It is more important for smaller LCD or Plasma type screens that will be viewed from a much closer distance, particularly if they are displaying text.