Virtual Media

Virtual media (VM)

ServSwitch with built-in VM to USB

A virtual media (VM) device is any type of data storage device — such as CDs, flash drives, or external hard drives — that you can connect to remotely to enable data sharing. A ServSwitch with built-in VM can be directly connected to USB media storage devices to enable sharing these devices with all servers connected to the switch.

For example:

If you connect a USB flash drive to a VM-enabled ServSwitch, you can transfer data back and forth between the flash drive and any server connected to the switch. And because you don’t have to connect the flash drive to each individual server, you save time performing file transfers, patches, and diagnostics. Additionally, if the ServSwitch device is IP-enabled, USB media devices can be attached to any server on the switch, as in an application using the ServSelect IP VM.

KVMoIP technology

Also by combining KVMoIP technology with VM switching, you don’t need physical access to your servers to fix problems. If you need to apply a patch or fix a corrupted file, you can map a drive on your laptop directly to the server.