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M1 - Display Interface System

M1 - Display Interface System

In 2001, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) approved the M1 Display Interface System for digital displays. The M1 system is a versatile and convenient system designed for computer displays, specifically digital projectors. M1 supports both analog and digital signals.

DVI Connector

M1 is basically a modified DVI connector that can support DVI, VGA, USB and IEEE-1394 signals. The single connector replaces multiple connectors on projectors. An M1 cable can also be used to power accessories, such as interface cards for PDAs.

There are three primary types of M1 connectors:

  • M1-DA (digital and analog) this is the most common connector, and it supports VGA, USB and DVI signals.
  • M1-D (digital) supports DVI signals.
  • M1-A (analog) supports VGA signals.

The M1 standard does not cover any signal specifications or detailed connector specifications.

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