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Stream mode vs. burst mode/prompt mode.

Stream mode vs. burst mode/prompt mode.

Stream mode

Computers and mice must communicate with each other in order to operate properly. Most computers and mice communicate via a method called “stream mode”—as a mouse is being moved, it sends the coordinates of its new position in a constant stream of information.

Burst mode/prompt mode

However, some computers communicate via a method known as “burst” or “prompt” mode. With this method, the mouse holds its data until the CPU sends a request (or “prompt”) for it.

The mouse simply won’t function properly

This mode of communication presents a problem for many KVM switches, as they normally pass along mouse coordinates in a stream mode. This results in a CPU receiving data when it isn’t expecting it, and the mouse simply won’t function properly.

All ServSwitch™ products contain support for stream-mode CPUs, and several ServSwitch products support both stream and burst/prompt modes. Call Technical Support about requirements for your application.