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ServSwitch over IP solutions.

ServSwitch Wizard IP

Remote acces

For remotely accessing and controlling servers, many administrators use remote access software. But is it enough? After all, it's operating system dependent and doesn't work when there's a network failure. And, unless the server one needs to get to is up and running, the software is useless.

KVM switches

KVM switches enable the administrator to warm boot (and, with extra hardware, cold boot) a system and access BIOS settings. However, as complete out-of-band solutions, they're limited to the lengths of their supported cable connections. And although some KVM extenders support extended connections over fibre optic cabling, the administrator may require even greater distances.

IP-Based remote acces

The ideal solution is an IP-based remote access solution like the ServSwitch Wizard IP. It's a hardware-based, KVM over IP gateway device that enables the administrator to access any connected server remotely via the LAN (over IP). The Wizard IP, which allows both in-band and out-of-band access to servers, is most commonly used to extend a KVM switch's user port for secure access by either a LAN or WAN connection. The new ServSwitch Wizard IP plus also includes virtual media support allowing you to transfer files between your viewing and target computers.

Mixed analogue/digital solutions

Black Box also supplies mixed analogue/digital solutions, such as the ServSelect IP which not only enables you to access servers remotely over a LAN or a WAN link but also acts as a 16-port ServSwitch! That means an administrator can access, switch between, troubleshoot -and even reboot!- up to 16 attached servers from a remote workstation. Yet another innovation is to interconnect the servers with the ServSwitch by using a CAT5 cable.