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What to consider when purchasing Carts or Lockers
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Mobile device storage and charging solutions

Mobile device storage and charging solutions

Our iPad, Chromebook, tablet and laptop storage solutions offer flexibility, with built-in security and safety to grow with your needs. These carts and lockers you buy once and use forever.

Charge, store, sync, and transport mobile devices

Our tablet and laptop carts come in various configurations and can safely store and transport many different kinds of devices, with cases and without, in a small footprint that is the perfect size for classrooms and administrative areas.
Tablet and Laptop Carts

Mobile device lockers

Modular lockers

Developed as an alternative to more expensive, high-capacity storage solutions, our mobile device lockers give you the flexibility to purchase what you need today and expand in the future.

Safety first

When we designed them, we knew that safety had to be the number one priority. After all, they are the perfect solution for schools that use e-learning devices in the classroom.

Safety first

Minimise risk, maximise security

Minimise risk, maximise security

Keep your devices safe and secure. Locking hinged doors on carts keep contents secure and can accommodate a padlock or combination lock.

Future-proof solution

As your needs change over time, the carts can easily be reconfigured. No need to buy a new cart if you change technologies. A standardised rack system makes changing a snap.


Printers? Projectors? More shelf space?

Printers? Projectors? More shelf space?

Carts can be configured with optional shelf space for peripheral devices. Stack lockers and add optional drawers. They quickly attach to each other using only four screws.

Customisation. Scalability. When you're ready.

Let us know what your needs are. We can build a customised solution to meet them. Contact our free Tech Support.

Customization. Scalability. When you're ready.


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