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  More than a 100 Wireless Technology Products to integrates easily into your existing network or build up a new network.

Technology Products for Wireless Networking

Why Wireless Networking?

Today, Wireless Networking can compete with a wired network, thanks to recent advances in wireless technology. It is common to equip networks with a significant number of wireless devices.

We offer a wide range of wireless solutions for any application:

  • Enterprise WLAN on / off
  • Wireless WAN link between two buildings
  • Wireless audio / video equipment 

How to select your Wireless Networking product

  • What are the security requirements
  • How much bandwidth is needed
  • Are there any environmental conditions that can interfere with radio transmission
  • How can installation proceed easy
  • How many network users are there
  • How many laptops and similar devices need access via WLAN
  • How many phones need access

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Wireless Networking Range


Building-to-building connections

Bridge a network connection between buildings using light at up to Gigabit speeds.

RF Based Wireless Bridges
Bridge network connections between buildings using radio based hardware.

Wireless Video Presentation System
Stream presentations from your computer to your screen over a wireless or wired LAN.

3G Serial Device Server
Versatile remote serial access with automatic failover to 3G Cellular networks.

Antennas and adaptor cables:

LAN Xplorer Tester with WiFi
Network testing tool with wireless connectivity option.


Why choose Black Box?

  • Black Box delivers the right products and provides technical services for the planning, design, installation and maintenance of your network.
  • Customised, to meet your needs today and tomorrow.
  • Free On-Site survey to know your needs.
  • With FREE Tech Support to make sure your system works satisfactorily.
  • Communicating with existing (older) wireless devices.
  • Installation Services for all your Wireless Networking projects with WLAN and WWAN.

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