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AlertWerks 4-20 mA Converter
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AlertWerks 4-20 mA Converter

Integrate a 4-20 mA transmitter with a ServSensor hub

  • Converts current levels from 4-20 mA to 0.8-4.0V voltage levels.
  • Enables you to communicate with equipment in industrial settings.
  • Use with high-quality, third-party adapters in industrial settings.
  • Operates from a single +5 VDC power supply which is powered by the ServSensor System.
  • Fully rated over the -40OC to +85OC Industrial Temperature Range.
  • ServSensor automatically detects dual sensor when connected.
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4-20mA converter
4–20 mA
1.5 m
  AlertWerks 4-20 mA Converter  
AlertWerks 4-20 mA Converter
Use with AlertWerks ServSensor Hubs.

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