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LAN Surge Protectors
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LAN Surge Protectors

10/100 BASE T/TX Hub Surge Protector

  • Use with 100-MHz networks, such as 10/100BASE-T/TX and 155-Mbps ATM
  • Offers low capacitance
  • Protects your network from data-destroying electrical noise
  • Clamping is 12 volts with 97-amp peak pulse current, less than 5-ns response time, and less than 40-pF maximum shunt capacity
  • Guards all eight wires
  • Shielded RJ-45 sockets tied to surge-protection circuitry
  • Warranty: 1 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)
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  LAN Surge Protectors  
LAN Surge Protectors

LAN Surge Protectors Datasheet
LAN Surge Protectors Manual