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LH1660C-SC: Multimode, SC
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LH1660C-LC: Multimode, LC

Multimode PCI Fibre Adapter

Bring fibre-based Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop

  • Includes low-profile and standard profile PC brackets.
  • A high performance PCI card for adding a workstation to a Gigabit fibre optic network.
  • Fully complies with all IEEE 802.3z and 1000BASE-SX standards.
  • Provides up to 2000-Mbps full-duplex bandwidth capacity. Great for linking to high-end servers.
  • Installs easily in a 64-/32-bit PCI bus (complies with the PCI 2.2 interface standard).
  • High-level VLAN filtering packet processing for improved performance, a flexible configuration, and secure networking.
  • Supports on-board screening of VLAN tagged Ethernet frames.
  • Troubleshoot, and verify link and full-duplex status using LED indicators on the bracket.
  • Supports IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control for better network performance.
  • Offers jumbo frame support for packet-heavy network traffic.
  • Supports 802.3ad Link Aggregate Control Protocol (LACP). Trunk multiple NICs together for more bandwidth.
  • On-board verification of IP headers and TCP/UDP checksums for received data.
  • Also enables you to set up on-board screening of VLAN-tagged Ethernet frames.
  • Alert Standard Format (ASF) support for a standards-based way to fix PC problems remotely.
  • Ideal for electronically noisy areas and secure government networks.
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Multimode, LC
  Multimode PCI Fibre Adapter  
Multimode PCI Fibre Adapter
Multimode, SC
  Multimode PCI Fibre Adapter  
Multimode PCI Fibre Adapter

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