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LB200A-R4: Desktop, 2 Wires, 16 Mbps, 120–240 VAC
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VDSL Ethernet Extender

Get economical last-mile Ethernet extensions over twisted-pair cable

  • Extends 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet well beyond its 100 m limit over CAT5e/6/7 cable.
  • Uses a single inexpensive 2-wire, 24 AWG twisted-pair cable instead of expensive fiber cable.
  • The low-cost solution for campus network expansions and delivering last-mile Ethernet.
  • Works in long-range mode to extend the link up to 3 km at up to 4 Mbps downstream and 263 kbps upstream speeds.
  • Runs in asymmetric high-speed mode to enable 168 Mbps downstream and 95 Mbps upstream speeds at a distance of 76 m.
  • Operates in symmetric high-speed mode to give you 121 Mbps downstream and 144 Mbps upstream speeds at a distance of 76 m.
  • Two 10/100BASE-TX ports.
  • Features autosensing 10/100BASE-T operation.
  • Supports full- and half-duplex operation.
  • Provides transparent bridging and passes 802.1Q (VLAN) packets.
  • Ideal for always-on Internet access, real-time bidirectional video streaming, and various multimedia applications.
  • Sold in pairs—use one as a local line driver and one as a remote line driver.
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2 Wires
16 Mbps
120–240 VAC
  VDSL Ethernet Extender  
VDSL Ethernet Extender

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