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Multimode Fibre Optic ABCD (4-to-1) Switches
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Multimode Fibre Optic ABCD (4-to-1) Switches

Simple to use—to route signals, just turn a knob on the front panel

  • The micro-mirrors on these full-duplex fibre switches optically transmit data port to port.
  • No optical-to-electrical conversion between fibre connections. Instead, the switches use internal mirrors to optically move data between ports—technology that’s trusted and time tested!
  • For reliable switching in mission-critical environments, the micro-mirrors are bonded to precise positioning servos.
  • Ideal for government, healthcare, financial, or other applications where a private, data-sensitive network connects to a publicly accessible network.
  • Enable you to connect a single workstation to two or more networks or remote devices.
  • The latching switch latches mirror movement mechanically into a selected position and holds it there without the need for continuous electrical power.
  • The non-latching version falls back to C-to-A position if power is lost.
  • Operate transparently to signal rates, formats, and wavelengths, and don’t require an upgrade when your data protocols change or speeds increase.
  • Work with 62.5-/125-micron multimode.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)
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  Multimode Fibre Optic ABCD (4-to-1) Switches  
Multimode Fibre Optic ABCD (4-to-1) Switches

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