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Audio Baluns
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Audio Baluns

Extend analogue or digital audio over inexpensive CAT5 cable

  • Connect audio devices that are spaced far apart by using inexpensive CAT5 cable instead of costly coax cable.
  • Compact design for installing next to audio equipment in tight spaces.
  • Analogue Audio Baluns support unbalanced analogue mono or stereo audio connections up to 1524 m over CAT5 cable. For stereo audio, order two per side.
  • Digital Audio Baluns carry Dolby® Digital, dts®, and other types of digital audio up to 182.8 m over CAT5 cable.
  • Ideal for equipment connections in home cinemas, conference rooms, or training centres where UTP cable is already installed or where conduits don’t allow for multiple bulky cable runs.
  • Cable strain relief for secure connections.
  • Can be used with our Component/Composite Video Balun to extend A/V applications.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)
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Analogue Audio
  Audio Baluns  
Audio Baluns
NOTE: Must be used in pairs.

Audio Baluns Manual
Audio Baluns Manual
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