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DVI-D Extender Kit
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DVI-D Extender Kit

DVI-D Extender Kit

Extend high-definition digital video up to 15 metres over ordinary CAT5e cable

  • Uses standard shielded CAT5e cable for signal extension, so you can save on cabling costs.
  • Transmits signals for 1080i or 720p HDTV video up to 10 metres.
  • Ideal for digital signage and home theatre applications, this kit enables you to use CAT5e cable to extend video from a PC or DVI output device to a DVI display.
  • Extends 1024x768 up to 15m.
  • The transmitter connects to the PC or DVI output device for transmitting signals over the shielded CAT5e cable.
  • The receiver connects to your DVI display and receives the DVD-D signal via the shielded CAT5e link.
  • LEDs show that power and an active video signal are detected.
  • Compact design for equipment connections in tight spaces, such as kiosk displays and A/V cabinets.
  • DVI-D interface ensures quality signalling between your high-performance video graphics card and your high definition screen.
  • Requires no power supply.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)
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Extender Kit
  DVI-D Extender Kit  
DVI-D Extender Kit

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