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DVI-D EDID Emulator (EDID Ghost)
DVI-D EDID Emulator (EDID Ghost)

DVI-D EDID Emulator (EDID Ghost)

Optimize video output for any display.

  • Learns EDID data from a display and ensures that your video source conforms to optimal resolution settings.
  • Ghost function saves the EDID of your displays and enables the source to boot with the correct settings.
  • Supports resolutions up to 2560 x 1600.
  • Displays either the default or the copied EDID for connected displays.
  • EDID learning functionality prevents computers from deactivating ports.
  • A built-in rotary switch enables you to manually select and compare video resolutions.
  • Records and stores up to 15 different sets of EDID data.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)
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DVI-D EDID Emulator (EDID Ghost)
DVI-D EDID Emulator (EDID Ghost)

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