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iCOMPEL Stream-In Feature Key
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iCOMPEL Stream-In Feature Key

For receiving streaming IPTV content through iCOMPEL players on your network.

  • Enables subscriber iCOMPEL units to receive video streaming signals from the ICOMP-PAL or ICOMP01-PAL-R2 iCOMPEL™.
  • Order feature key for every iCOMPEL unit you want to stream in the IPTV signal.
  • Supports DVD-quality digital video signaling.
  • Works over your existing network infrastructure.
  • No RF cabling or additional TV tuner cards needed.
  • Broadcasts Service Advertising Protocol (SAP) packets.
  • MPEG TS encapsulation for UDP/IP/Ethernet multicast transmission.
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iCOMPEL Stream-In Feature Key
iCOMPEL Stream-In Feature Key
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Black Box iCOMPEL™ brochure 2012 (iCompel SMB)
Sep 11, 2012
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