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Fibre Optic Test Kits

Fibre Optic Test Kits

Make precise, accurate measurements on all types of fibre cable

  • Single- and Multimode Test Kits
  • 0.01 dBm resolution at all levels, so you can trust measurements below -45 dBm.
  • At most levels, readings are instantaneous.
  • Operates on AC power, nickel-cadmium batteries, or alkaline batteries. A 9-V battery, and (4) AA alkaline batteries are included.
  • Kit includes a power meter, a 650m visible laser light source, a 1310-/1550-nm dual laser source and an LED light source for long runs.
  • Multimode Test Sets
  • Choose between 850-nm and 850-/1330-nm test sets.
  • Both sets feature a 55-dB testing range.
  • View test results on the high-contrast LCD.
  • Pinpoint test results within 0.1 dB resolution.
  • Machined aluminium construction ensures durability in tough environments.
  • Single 9-volt battery powers both units — no need for troublesome battery snaps.
  • Both include a power meter, an LED light source and a 9-V battery.
  • Dual Laser Light Source
  • Dual laser source generates 1310- and 1550-nm temperature-stabilised outputs.
  • Laser source's double-port design enables both emitters to function simultaneously.
  • All units feature a universal "friction fit" adapter cap suitable for SC and ST connectors.
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Single-Mode and Multimode Test Kit
Single-Mode and Multimode Test Kit

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