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Veri-Net / Veri-Net+
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Veri-Net / Veri-Net+

Quickly test 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet links

  • Veri-Net
  • Decodes link signals and displays the exact configuration of connected equipment in just three seconds!
  • Tests and verifies active Ethernet and Fast Ethernet links.
  • Quickly tests wallplates with multiple outlets for 'live' link and far-end Fast Ethernet compatibility.
  • Provides critical equipment-configuration information.
  • Verifies link connectivity to the far end, tests for reported faults, and determines the polarity of the outlet or cable. Instantly displays fault link conditions.
  • Shows wiring polarity to determine connections to the network or node.
  • Veri-Net+
  • Has all the features of the Veri-Net plus: a bi-directional Link Activation function, a tone generator to locate fault points, and a 15.2-cm pigtail for easier connections.
  • Quickly verifies two-way link integrity.
  • Identifies connection from the wall outlet to a hub, switch , NIC, or other device.
  • Automatic powerdown extends battery life. Includes a low-battery LED indicator.
  • Displays a blinking light on the remote hub's or switch's link-indicator LED.
  • Warranty: 1-year
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  Veri-Net / Veri-Net+  
Veri-Net / Veri-Net+
  Veri-Net / Veri-Net+  
Veri-Net / Veri-Net+

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Veri-Net / Veri-Net+ Datasheet
Veri-Net / Veri-Net+ Manual
Veri-Net / Veri-Net+ Manual
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