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FA881: Exit 2
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Right-Angle DB9 Adapters
FA882: Exit 3

Right-Angle DB9 Adapters

The right fit for tight spaces

  • Use the adapter to connect cables at a 90-degree angle to the back of your computer, printer, or other equipment.
  • One-inch low-profile design enables connections in tight spots, such as against a wall.
  • Eliminate the need for special-order cables.
  • Mating hardware is reversible for use in virtually any application.
  • Include one DB9 male and one DB9 female connector.
  • Adapter is fully shielded and overmoulded with grey PVC.
  • Choose from three models with cable exits in different directions.
  • When mating to a female connector, Cable Exit 1 will go up and Cable Exit 2 will go down.
  • When mating to a male connector: Cable Exits 1 and 2 will go down and Cable Exit 3 will go up.
  • The Cable Exit 3 Adapter enables you to rotate the female connector 180 degrees compared to Cable Exits 1 and 2 Adapters.
  • Warranty — Lifetime.
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Exit 2
  Right-Angle DB9 Adapters  
Right-Angle DB9 Adapters
Exit 3
  Right-Angle DB9 Adapters  
Right-Angle DB9 Adapters

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