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VCB-MHDMI-0003: Video Cable, HDMI to HDMI Micro, Male/Male, 0.9 m
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HDMI to HDMI Micro Cable

Connect digital cameras and other equipment to your TV or display.

  • Features one HDMI male and one HDMI Micro male connector.
  • The HDMI Micro connector features all 19 pins but is approximately half the size of the HDMI Mini connector.
  • HDMI Micro supports full HDMI specifications and delivers high-resolution 1080p pictures.
  • HDMI Micro is typically found on smartphones, digital cameras, tablet computers, netbooks, etc.
  • Connect cameras, smartphones, or tablets to your high-definition television or computer monitor.
  • Record video on your smartphone and play it on a larger screen.
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Video Cable
HDMI to HDMI Micro
0.9 m
  HDMI to HDMI Micro Cable  
HDMI to HDMI Micro Cable

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