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CAT6 Wiring Block Kit
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CAT6 Wiring Block Kit

Everything you need for easy CAT6 connections

  • Guaranteed to perform above Category 6 NEXT standards by 13 dB (worst case). Expect performance of 25 dB above Category 5 NEXT specifications.
  • Staggered pair-spacing design separates paired conductors for easier installation and better performance.
  • Cable access openings enable cables to be routed through the rear of the block directly to the point of termination.
  • Internal crosstalk barriers provide 360-degree pair isolation for superior NEXT ratings.
  • Legs can be detached before, during, or after installation.
  • Wiring base footprint is compatible with our existing 110 wiring blocks.
  • Warranty — Lifetime!
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CAT6 UTP wiring block kit, 64 Pair
  CAT6 Wiring Block Kit  
CAT6 Wiring Block Kit

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