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CAT6 Retractable Cable
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CAT6 Retractable Cable

Networking on the road

  • Retracts from both ends.
  • Make fast CAT6 connections when on the road and visiting other offices for quick network connections.
  • Flat cable extends and retracts like a tape measure because it is a tape measure!
  • One end is in inches. The other end is in centimetres.
  • Compact cable is small enough to fit in a laptop case, briefcase, or even your pocket.
  • Spool has a 2inch diameter and is only 4inch long including connectors.
  • Cable pulls out to 2-m.
  • Constructed of 30 AWG wire and RJ-45 connectors with 3-µm gold-plated contacts.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)
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2.0 m
  CAT6 Retractable Cable  
CAT6 Retractable Cable