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AV solutions for boardrooms
Category: Evergreen
Keywords: Digital signage
Author: Richard Towey
Date Written: 18 October 2013
Title: AV solutions for boardrooms

Only 15 years ago it was common to hold a meeting with just a table and a group of people to hand. Printed documents allowed people to elaborate on certain points and the nearest thing to the technology of today would have been a tussle between the trusty pager and an overhead projector.

Speed past the dawn of the 21st century and huge advances in technology have meant boardrooms are now hubs for digital innovation. Audio-visual or 'AV' solutions allow speakers to get their points across in the most efficient way possible whilst also enabling more people to see them in action.

Whether the focus is on projection, audio, display, control video or digital signage, these systems can be put to good use in boardrooms across a plethora of different sectors. Technology providers have grown accustomed to the wants and needs of their clients and recognise their contribution to one of the most important parts of the office - the boardroom.


AV boardrooms are widely considered to be the boardrooms of the future and have grown to become commonplace in the offices of large companies.

Generally speaking, AV refers to any system which has audio or video capabilities. Of course, a solid table mounted microphone system would fall into the audio category and 60 inch flat screen with HD video conferencing components would be classed as a video solution. The idea is that these individual pieces of technology are linked to create an even greater solution, with crystal clear AV on offer.


The benefits of investing in AV solutions are vast and expanding with every new product launch. Take the example of video conferencing - one of the most popular solutions on the AV market.

This particular piece of tech gives staff the chance to communicate with people anywhere in the world. It's always nice to meet clients or shareholders in person but sometimes the cost involved becomes too high for businesses to justify. Rather than pay for them to travel over to the company headquarters for a quick meeting, the company can use video conferencing to reach their contact remotely.

Many systems also boast the ability to share documents and multimedia, which means whoever's on the end of the line has as much information at their disposal as those in the room.

Other solutions

Businesses can also invest in AV solutions for presenting - a task employees are now almost expected to do with visual aids. In fact, given the benefits of being able to clearly display, edit and highlight information using an AV solution, it's probably more unconventional for employees to stick to paper handouts.

Typical solutions for this market include SMART boards, which allow the presenter to interact with their screen with the click of a button. Accepting touch input from a finger, pen or other solid object, this gives the employee the chance to fully elaborate on their points and demonstrate how attendees can put their thinking into practice.

HD screens also create opportunities for digital signage - the latest evolution of technology to see rapid implementation across a wide range of markets. This displays digital signs with the goal of delivering messages and is considered far more visually pleasing than static signage.

AV solutions even have their own control systems, which are vital for simplifying the use of multiple systems. Numerous key presses and trips to all four corners of the boardroom can be integrated into just one button, facilitating anything from DVD playback to the displaying of documents. Some of the more advanced systems in this market venture way beyond source and sound selection, also dimming lights, lowing blinds and screens with the click of a button.

More businesses are warming their way round to the idea of an AV boardroom and, as the benefits suggest, it's well within their best interests to get plugged in whilst the technology is fresh.

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